Demon Slayer Cosplay Zenitsu Bathrobe
Demon Slayer Cosplay Zenitsu Bathrobe
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Demon Slayer Cosplay Zenitsu Bathrobe

$133.99 $106.99


Zenitsu robe

If you ever feel like you want to be like Zenitsu, what are you waiting for? Place your orders and get your Zenitsu robe for a discounted price if you would buy other Zenitsu products like our Zenitsu shirt, jacket, sweater, and hoodie. We also have a Zenitsu wig and body pillow. 


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Demon Slayer Cosplay Zenitsu Bathrobe

If you’re looking for the best , you’re at the good place. Choose your favorite “demon slayer cosplay zenitsu bathrobe” for slay the demon! exemple

cosplay zenitsu bathrobe

Product Features and Specifics:

These super comfortable Zenitsu robes are very soft, light, and luxurious. They have fluffy cotton gauze, a snug waist tie, and two secret side pockets. Made from 100 percent long-staple quality cotton and built to have a comfortable, relaxed fit. The outer is ultra-soft and the inside is absorbent and fast drying.

In a range of prints and styles, we also have the Zenitsu robes made of luxurious fluffy fleece. We have a limited-edition Zenitsu robe made of ultra-soft fluffy coral fleece. After a long day of working, pull it on, sit back and enjoy the amazing comfort of this Zenitsu robe. 

Great for relaxing and lounging, day or night, around your home or spa! The coral fleece fabric has some natural stretch to maximize comfort and fit. These Zenitsu robes are comfortable and can be a highlight of your day.

The material of the coral fleece is super soft but is also machine washable. Good for relaxing, after a shower or before going to bed, around the house. For your hands or a place to put your things, the deep front pockets of our Zenitsu robes will give you comfort.

Our demon slayer Zenitsu robes come in different sizes! We have small, medium, large, extra-large demon slayer jackets. If you want one for your kid, we also have them available in kid’s sizes but only for a limited stock so place your orders now!

You can get the mid-length or full-length fluffy Zenitsu robe in style and cozy comfort! 

We have a variety of designs you can choose from!

  • Zenitsu robes with his face
  • Zenitsu while fighting the Tongue Demon
  • We also have a limited-edition statement robes with Zenitsu’s famous lines: (To Jigoro Kuwajima) “But I love you, Gramps!” (To Nezuko Kamado) “I will protect you, Nezuko.”

Apart from the standard white-triangle patterned, yellow, and orange gradient print design of Zenitsu’s haori, our jackets come in different colors! What color do you prefer? Name it! 

We have one-colored and multi-colored Zenitsu robes with his face on them. We also have white, black, red, blue, green, pink, purple, orange, and brown. Even this year’s lucky color ultimate gray is available! 

The designs were made with a 3D digital printing process. The print of our Zenitsu robes will not fade, but please still wash with care and do not iron the print.

Why buy?

In the anime and manga series when Zenitsu protected Tanjiro’s box where Nezuko Kamado is, we know that he really is a sweet, loving and caring person. With our Zenitsu’s robe, we are sure all of you can feel that love and care, too. So, what are you waiting for? Grab yours now!