Demon Slayer Backpack Zenitsu Agatsuma Pattern
Demon Slayer Backpack Zenitsu Agatsuma Pattern
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Demon Slayer Backpack Zenitsu Agatsuma Pattern

$45.99 $36.99


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Zenitsu backpack pattern

Show your love for the cowardly brave, yellow-headed, master of lightning Zenitsu by buying this flashy Zenitsu pattern backpack! Backpacks are very useful items. They help us carry many things around with ease. We mainly use it for school and for work. Choosing the right style backpack for yourself is very important, as what you wear immediately translates to your interests

Zenitsu Agatsuma, at first glance, would seem like someone who has no business being a demon slayer; that’s because he “seemingly” doesn’t want to be one. He always says that he won’t be alive for long because of his job as a demon slayer.

 He is constantly in a state of fear, crying and running away whenever things get dangerous. But things aren’t always what they seem, as his true power comes out during the most dangerous situations. He proved this by slaying a demon when he passed out of fear. Zenitsu also happens to be Nezuko’s admirer. 

This Zenitsu pattern backpack is riddled with everything about Zenitsu Agatsuma. From the triangular patterns on his haori down to his cowardly facial expressions, as well as details of his lightning breath. The backpack is made up of high-quality materials and is built to withstand heavy load, just like how Zenitsu is built to perform when he is needed the most. 

Our Zenitsu pattern backpack is definitely better than those of our competitors in all aspects. The backpack is built and designed flawlessly and is available at a price so affordable, you’d think we’re practically giving it for free! Show off your flashy style with this Zenitsu pattern backpack!