Demon Slayer Hoodie  Tanjiro Hinokami Kagura
Demon Slayer Hoodie Tanjiro Hinokami Kagura
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Demon Slayer Hoodie Tanjiro Hinokami Kagura

$49.99 $39.99


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Hoodie Tanjiro Hinokami Kagura



The Hinokami Kagura or the “Dance of the Fire God” is a Breathing Style only used by the Kamado Family. It is passed down by the father to the son with the hanafuda earring in every generation in the family. The family performs the Hinokami Kagura every year as a ritual ceremony where the performer dances from sunrise to sunset to ward off diseases. It is the closest Breathing Style to the original Breathing Style “Breath of the Sun” therefore it is very powerful. The last known user of the Hinokami Kagura is Tanjiro Kamado as seen in his battle with Rui in Mount Natagumo.


Product features and specifics:

You can now have your very own Hoodie Tanjiro Hinokami Kagura! The design of the hoodie consists of the scene in Mount Natagumo where Tanjiro is seen using the Hinokami Kagura as a last ditch effort to defeat Rui, One of the Lower Demon six, in battle.


Our hoodies are only made by the most durable materials, making sure that it is long lasting. It is also ideal to use during the rainy season. The high quality cotton, wool, and polyester will make you feel really comfortable.


We have different sizes available to choose from! The Hoodie Tanjiro Hinokami Kagura is unisex! Anyone can wear it and would make a great gift to children, teens, adults, and fans of Demon Slayer!


If you ever feel cold, our Tanjiro Hinokami Kagura hoodie will warm you up! Feel the heat as if you were part of the battle at Mount Natagumo against Rui. What are you waiting for? Buy now!