Demon Slayer Hoodie  Tanjiro Blue
Demon Slayer Hoodie Tanjiro Blue
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Demon Slayer Hoodie Tanjiro Blue

$57.99 $45.99


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Hoodie Tanjiro Blue



Our Hoodie Tanjiro Blue is based on Tanjiro Kamado’s blue kimono that was made similar to Sakonji Urokodaki’s kimono. During the Final Selection, Tanjiro represented Sakonji Urokodaki and his Water Breathing style, thus the color and design of Tanjiro’s kimono.


Product features and specifics:

We only use high quality cotton, polyester, and wool! Our Hoodie Tanjiro Blue is really soft and will make you feel comfortable every day!


Great for casual wear! The Hoodie Tanjiro Blue would be a good addition to your OOTD! Get yours now!


We have different sizes available for you and your kids! We have small, medium, and large. Please check our size chart for accuracy!


The Hoodie Tanjiro Blue is suitable for anyone and any age! All of you can wear our The Hoodie Tanjiro Blue and other Tanjiro clothingproducts! Get yours now!


The Hoodie Tanjiro Blue is an ideal gift for anyone! It is an amazing gift for the holidays or any special occasion like birthdays and graduations! The color and design please the eyes of one who is looking!


Please note that we only have one color and design available for our Hoodie Tanjiro Blue which is like the kimono he is wearing in the Final Selection! Please check our photo gallery for accuracy!


Life is like water that has a continuous flow of events and there are times we just go with the flow or we try to swim against it. Just like the water in Tanjiro’s form, we have to keep going no matter what!