backpack tanjiro nezuko
Backpack Nezuko & Tanjiro
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Backpack Nezuko & Tanjiro

$45.99 $36.99


Looking for a backpack with an awesome design? Well, we have the backpacks that will help you carry your items with ease because of their huge space capacity.

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Nezuko Tanjiro Backpack


The Nezuko Tanjiro backpacks have adjustable shoulder straps so no more uncomfortable feeling in the shoulders! The back cushion padding provides you comfort and protects your back when you carry heavy items!


Not only does it have a huge capacity, but it is also very resistant to damages that will tatter a normal backpack! Our Nezuko Tanjiro backpacks also come with waterproof fabric that will protect your vulnerable and valuable items.


Our Nezuko and Tanjiro backpacks are very light to carry and portable! They can be used for any purpose! School, university, work, weekend vacation, travel, hiking, camping, hunting, trekking, cycling, and other outdoor activities.

Tanjiro nezuko Backpack

Perfect gift idea for everyone! You can give this to yourself or your child as a gift. They are also suitable for teenagers! Great gift for birthday parties, graduations, Thanksgiving gifts, and other holidays. 


Our Nezuko and Tanjiro backpack’s artworks are designed by local artists, who are also fans of demon slayer and who have worked for hours and hours just to satisfy and fulfill your needs with high-quality art design.


The available designs are as follows, but please refer to our photo gallery for an accurate representation!


  • Tanjiro carrying Nezuko on his back when she was turned into a demon (first few scenes of the first episode in the manga series)
  • Nezuko and Tanjiro fighting the demons


We also have the designs just printed in front of the bag and other designs printed on the whole bag itself! What are you waiting for? Grab yours now!