Demon Slayer Hoodie Sabito
Demon Slayer Hoodie Sabito
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Demon Slayer Hoodie Sabito

$57.99 $45.99


Sabito sacrificed his life to save everyone in their Final Selection when the Hand Demon attacked other demon slayers. He tried his best to fight and slay the Hand Demon, but his katana broke when it clashed with the hand demon’s tough skin. Sabito died in the hands of the Hand Demon, giving his fellow slayers a chance to escape and pass the Final Selection. 


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If you feel like you can be brave or you want to be strong like Sabito, get our new Hoodie Sabito now! Feel safe with his presence!!!


Product Features and Specifics:


We only use high-quality mixture of cotton and polyester to make our Hoodie Sabito super soft and comfortable to wear!


Multi purpose! Not just great for casual wear, but our Hoodie Sabito is also ideal for sport, outdoor, and gym outfits because it is very durable! 


Perfect gift! If you want to give a present to any of your family members, the Hoodie Sabito is perfect!


Our Hoodie Sabito is unisex! Anyone can wear it. You can also give this to your child. They are suitable for teenagers, too!


We have different colors available for the Hoodie Sabito! We have solid colors, one and multi-colored Hoodie Tomioka Check our photo gallery for your choices!


We have small, medium, large, extra-large hoodies. Our Hoodie Sabito comes in different sizes so please check our size chart for accuracy!


We have a variety of designs to choose from so you can also get one for your loved ones!


The designs were made with a 3D digital printing process. The print of our Hoodie Sabito will not easily fade.