Demon Slayer Hat </br> Rengoku Kyojuro Pattern
Demon Slayer Hat
Rengoku Kyojuro Pattern
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Demon Slayer Hat
Rengoku Kyojuro Pattern

$33.99 $26.99


Check out this Demon Slayer hat inspired by the fire pillar, Kyojuro Rengoku pattern!

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Hats have been around for a while now. They are very useful, every-day items that protect you from the heat of the sun and give your fashion sense a boost at the same time. 

That being said, you’d want a hat that would speak your passion for Demon Slayer and at the same time give your everyday look an upgrade, and that’s exactly what this Kyojuro Rengoku-pattern hat is for!  

This Rengoku Kyojur-pattern Demon Slayer hat is designed after the pattern which Kyojuro wore in the anime. 

He is seen wearing a slightly paler version of the traditional demon slayer gakuran jacket, hakama pants, and a white belt on his waist, topped off with a haori designed with red ridges that look like flames and a gradient pattern of white and yellow. Also comes with the design of Rengoku’s signature yellow hair with red streaks.

Rengoku Kyojuro Pattern  hat

Everything on this unique Rengoku Kyojuro-pattern Demon Slayer hat is made from 100% genuine and high-quality materials. It is designed by skilled artists and designers who understand the anime character’s intricate design. 

Being made from top-quality materials, this hat will last years before showing signs of any sort of damage. We stand by our promise to give you the best Demon Slayer products out there, and this hat is one of them. 

Our hat is in a league of its own when compared to those of other shops. So don’t settle for less, get our Rengoku Kyojuro Pattern Demon Slayer hat now!