Demon Slayer Kimono Himejima Gyomei Pattern
Demon Slayer Kimono Himejima Gyomei Pattern
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Demon Slayer Kimono Himejima Gyomei Pattern

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If you want to slay demons, you need this Demon Slayer Kimono Himejima Gyomei Pattern



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Kimono Himejima Pattern

If you are Japanese, whether by birth or by heart, and love anime, especially Demon slayer, then this new twist to the traditional Japanese kimono might be for you! We’ve got a kimono designed after the uniform of the mighty Gyomei Himejima!

The kimono is the national dress of Japan. It is a wrapped-front, T-shaped garment that has a rectangular body and square sleeves. It is worn with the left side wrapping over the right.

The kimono’s design is taken from arguably the strongest member of the demon slayer corps, the stone pillar, Gyomei Himejima. He is a gentle giant, very sensitive and soft-spoken. But don’t be fooled, Gyomei Himejima is the perfect specimen, having a muscular body and immense strength. 

demon slayer Kimono Himejima

Despite being blind, he is considered by his peers, as well as his foes, as an incredibly powerful person. In the series, Gyomei Himejima is seen wearing the traditional black and white demon slayer corps uniform, topped with an olive green Japanese coat called happi. 

The kimono is made from a combination of high-quality silk, hemp, and other fibers and is guaranteed to last for the longest time possible. The kimono is designed after the powerful Gyomei Himejima’s uniform in the series.

The design of this kimono is as cool as Gyomei’s techniques and is as solid as his huge muscles. Our Demon Slayer products, including this lovely kimono, are guaranteed high quality and durable because your satisfaction is our priority. Don’t settle with mediocrity from other shops, contact us and we’ll get you what you desire!