Demon Slayer Polo Shirt  Giyuu Tomioka Pattern
Demon Slayer Polo Shirt Giyuu Tomioka Pattern

Demon Slayer Polo Shirt Giyuu Tomioka Pattern



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giyuu shirt

Giyu Tomioka is an incredible demon slayer, there is no denying that! Giyu demonstrated his abilities well before he realized he was the water pillar in the first chapters of the anime and manga series.

If you are a fan, get your very own Giyu shirt now! Feel his bravery and witness his skills with our Giyu shirt designs!

Product Features and Specifics:

Definitely soft and would not cause skin irritation! Our Giyu shirt is made of 90% cotton, 10% polyester material. If you prefer other fabric types, we also have synthetics (nylon, and spandex) available for pre-order so message us now! 

Our Demon Slayer Giyu shirt is very comfortable to wear no matter what occasion! 

Great for casual wear! The Giyu shirt can be worn every day because it is really comfortable and super soft! Get yours now!

Multi purporse! Our Giyu shirt is also ideal for sport, outdoor, and gym outfits because they are very durable! The shirt can definitely help you endure a day of activities at work and home, especially Giyu’s design is printed on the shirt!

Perfect gift! If you want to give a present to any of your family members, the Giyu shirt is perfect! You can also give this to your child as a gift. They are suitable for teenagers, too!

Available in different colors! What color do you prefer? Name it! We have a one-colored and multi-colored Giyu shirt. We also have white, black, gray, red, blue, green, pink, purple, orange, and brown Giyu shirt.

Our Giyu shirt comes in different sizes. We have small, medium, large, extra-large hoodies. Please check our size chart!

The designs were made with a 3D digital printing process, giving our clothes a customized, lived-in feel. The print of our Giyu shirt will not fade, but please still wash with care and do not iron the print.