makomo cosplay
Demon Slayer Cosplay Makomo
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Demon Slayer Cosplay Makomo

$145.99 $116.99


Anime fanatics and Demon Slayer lovers, this Makomo Cosplay is the cosplay costume for you! 


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Cosplay makomo

Cosplay is a trend that has been taken on by extreme fans around the world! Cosplay, a short term for “costume play”, is a form of activity or performance wherein the participants known as “cosplayers” suit up on costumes and different kinds of accessories to portray a specific character. 

Cosplay is one of, if not, the best ways to express one’s love for an anime character, and you’ll be doing just that when you get this cute Makomo cosplay outfit!

This unique cosplay costume is designed after the looks of the former adopted student of Urokodaki Sakonji, Makomo. Makomo only appears for a short part of the anime. She is seen wearing a red yukata that is patterned with pink and white flowers, covered with a dark-purple haori that is sleeveless. She also had a brown fabric around her waist and wore sandals similar to that of Kanroji. 

Makomo cosplay

Everything on this unique Makomo Cosplay costume is made from 100% genuine and high-quality materials. They are designed by skilled artists and designers who understand the anime character’s intricate design. Being made from top-quality materials, this Cosplay costume will last years before showing any signs of damage whatsoever. 


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