3 heroes lamp
3 heroes lamp
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3 heroes lamp



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3 heroes lamp

Are days getting darker? Do you feel like you’re about to lose to the demons in the uncertain dark realm? Have no fear! We’ve got the perfect solution to your problem! This 3 heroes lamp is exactly the item you need to help keep away the demons and the darkness. The lamp is a combination of 3 of the greatest heroes of the Demon Slayer series; The bold Tanjiro Kamado, The cowardly brave Zenitsu Agatsuma, and the fearsome Inosuke Hashibira! 

The Trio of Tanjiro Kamado, Zenitsu Agatsuma, and Inosuke Hashibira isn’t exactly your typical band of heroes. They all have distinct personalities, and none are exactly. In Tanjiro, you have a highly determined, hard-nosed individual who despises rudeness and evil. 

In Zenitsu, you have a fearful individual who holds a secret power that comes out when he needs it most. And Inosuke is a proud, highly unpredictable individual who believes he is the strongest. 

However, there is one thing they can agree on, and it is what makes them a powerful team; they devote themselves to fighting the evil forces of demons. And this lamp of the 3 heroes is the perfect item to symbolize their resolve. 

The lamp is designed with the eyes of the three heroes, which is printed on a very durable optical acrylic panel. The lamp is simply beautiful, having a design that doesn’t require too much detail. Our 3 heroes lamp is definitely something you would want to have in your bedroom, for decoration and other purposes.