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Features and specifics:

  • Definitely soft and skin-friendly! Our shirts are made of 100% cotton material. If you want other fabric types, we also have synthetics (polyester, nylon, and spandex) available for pre-order.
  • Our Demon Slayer shirts are very comfortable to wear no matter what occasion! Whether you are just going to your neighbor’s house or the mall, they are perfect!
  • Comes in different collars! We have polo, V-neck, round neck, and turtle neck depending on your choice of style. We know they would all look good to you!
  • Available in different sizes! We have small, medium, large, extra-large shirts. If you want one for your kid, we also have them in kid’s sizes. According to our customers, the Demon Slayer shirts are true to size so grab yours now!
  • Comes in different colors! What color do you prefer? Name it! We have one-colored and multi-colored shirts. We have white, black, red, blue, green, pink, purple, orange, and brown. Even this year’s lucky color ultimate gray is available! 
  • Comes in different designs! We have shirts with the whole member of Demon Slayer Corps printed in 3D, but if you were feeling to wear with only one character, we also have the stocks! 
    • Tanjiro shirts
    • Nezuko shirts
    • Zenitsu shirts
    • Inosuke shirts
    • Giyu shirts
    • Rengoku shirts
    • Shinobu shirts
    • Name them, we have them!
  • Our manufacturer makes sure that the print on the shirts does not fade away easily but please also wash the shirts with care. If you were going to iron it, do it from the inside. Do not iron the prints!


Why buy demon slayer shirt ?

  • Our Demon Slayer shirts are designed by independent artists, supporting them with their passion for art and love of this manga and anime series. Placing your orders also means supporting them!
  • If you are planning to give a present to yourself, your family, friends, or relatives, these Demon Slayer shirts are perfect! Whether these people are very fond of this manga and anime series or just curious, our shirts are very affordable to buy! Plus, we ship the products internationally so what are you waiting for? Buy now!
  • Besides, wearing our Demon Slayer shirts can make you extra powerful! Imagine having all the members of the Demon Slayer Corps with you in your everyday battle with evil! Who would not make it if their favorite character is placed near their hearts?

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