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Zenitsu Figure

Demon slayer is an anime series that has recently risen to stardom, gaining the love and adoration of
fans from all around the anime world.
Demon Slayer, to say the least, is definitely an anime series worthy of attention, becoming an instant hit
almost instantly after it aired last April of 2019.
And like all the great series out there, Demon slayer is a source of inspiration for all kinds of collectibles
and clothing apparel. These things make the whole experience a lot more memorable.
You’re quite in for a shock! Check out this flashy Zenitsu figure!
Figures are great collectibles. They are poseable character figurines that are commonly made of plastic.
These figures are modeled after characters from movies, comic books, fiction and non-fiction television
series, and/or video games.
Figures are commonly marketed to young boys, for the purpose of playing with the said item. However,
these figures have gained the interest and acceptance of adults as a collector’s item, in which case the
item is only used for display. The term “figure” was first used in 1964 by Hasbro in order to market their
G.I. Joe toys to boys, while other competitors used the term “boy’s dolls”.
Innovation and creative thinking have taken the old, clay, or wooden dolls of the past and turned them
into more colorful works of art.

Zenitsu Figure action

Demons beware!
This Zenitsu figure looks more than ready to use his lightning to shock all the demons out there!
Zenitsu Agatsuma is one of the more memorable characters in the series. He first comes off as a
cowardly individual who seemingly had no business in being a demon slayer.
He passes out during times of immense pressure, but that’s when his real power awakens. Don’t let his
cowardly façade fool you, he is one of the strongest characters in the series and Nezuko’s admirer.
In the figure’s packaging you will get a highly defined, 5-inch tall Zenitsu figure made out of PVC and
ABS plastic, 2 clothing options; iconic yellow haori with small triangles and standard demon slayer
uniform, 3 unique faceplates, 3 different parts for both the right and left hand, and a nichirin blade.
And of course, it’s not complete without the special effects. In the packaging, you will also get one
lighting breath first step effect piece.

Why should I get one?

This Zenitsu figure is really something. The figure is the spitting image of the fearfully brave yellow-
headed swordsman, Zenitsu Agatsuma.
If you are an otaku that has grown to love the Demon Slayer series, especially this fearful yet brave
demon slayer, Zenitsu Agatsuma, then that should be reason enough to get yourself this one-of-a-kind
figure. It will be a great addition to your collection and will look great on your display cabinet.
The figure is built to be strong and durable, which also makes it perfect for young boys who love to play
with toys. The several features which the figure has will surely bring enjoyment for all ages.
Hurry and get yourself this figure before it’s too late!