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Showing 1–16 of 25 results

What is a figure?

Figures are great collectibles. They are poseable character figurines that are commonly made of plastic. These figures are modeled after characters from movies, comic books, fiction and non-fiction television series, and/or video games. 

Figures are commonly marketed to young boys, for the purpose of playing with the said item. However, these action figures have gained the interest and acceptance of adults as a collector’s item, in which case the item is only used for display. 

The term “Figure” was first used in 1964 by Hasbro in order to market their G.I. Joe toys to boys, while other competitors used the term “boy’s dolls”. 

Innovation and creative thinking have taken the old, clay, or wooden dolls of the past and turned them into more colorful works of art. 

Demon Slayer Figures

Watch out, Muzan!

These Demon Slayer figures look more than ready to annihilate any demon that stands in the way of humanity’s safety!  

The figures are designed after the characters of the anime series, Demon Slayer. In each of their individual packaging, you will get a unique Demon slayer figure that is made from high-quality PVC and ABS plastic, along with different options for their attire, interchangeable, moving body parts, and their unique weapons.

Of course also part of these figure’s package is the unique technique effects of each of the characters, which can be attached and removed. 

Why should I get one? 

In all honesty, there are many reasons why you should get these unique and highly collectible Demon Slayer figures. And not a single reason why you shouldn’t. 

The Demon slayer anime series has garnered attention and adoration from all around the anime world, rising to fame almost instantly after it released.