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A haori (羽織) is a traditional Japanese cardigan (or light jacket in Western standards) that is hip- or thigh-length and is worn over a kimono.

The designs of our jackets were based on the characters of the anime and manga series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. The designs also feature the robes that the members of the Demon Slayer Corps are wearing.


Features and specifics:


The demon slayer jackets we have are definitely soft! They are all 100% brand new. The materials used were made of a high-quality mixture of cotton, wool, and polyester. You would definitely want to wear them every day because they are lightweight and breathable!


Great for casual everyday wear. Our jackets would be a good add on to your OOTD!  You can pair them with jeans, leggings, and pants. Whatever you wear, the demon slayer jackets can certainly match your outfit!


Perfect for winter! If you are always cold, wearing these super comfortable jackets will make you feel warm, especially the characters of the Demon Slayer were printed on it. You would feel extra close to them!


Perfect for every occasion! Not just for daily wear or during the winter season, but also for Halloween, birthday parties, even cosplay events, and other holidays.


The jackets can be worn by anyone! These are unisex demon slayer jackets. You can wear with it your partner so it would be a “couple jacket” like Nezuko’s and Zenitsu’s. The jackets are very fashionable to wear! You can also give this to your child as a gift. They are also suitable for teenagers! If you want to give a present to any of your family members, that is definitely fine!


Our demon slayer jackets come in different sizes!  We have small, medium, large, extra-large demon slayer jackets. If you want one for your kid, we also have them in kid’s sizes. According to some feedback, our jackets are true to size so grab yours now! You can refer to the size chart.

We have a variety of designs! Our best selling ones are the robe designed-jackets that the demon slayers are wearing.

  • Tanjiro’s face or robe
  • Nezuko’s face or robe
  • Zenitsu’s face or robe
  • Inosuke’s face or robe
  • Giyu’s face or robe
  • Rengoku’s face or robe
  • Shinobu’s face or robe
  • Name them, we have them!


Apart from the standard print designs of the robes of the demon slayers, our jackets come in different colors! What color do you prefer? Name it! We have one-colored and multi-colored jackets with your favorite character’s face on them. We also have white, black, red, blue, green, pink, purple, orange, and brown. Even this year’s lucky color ultimate gray is available! 


The designs were made with a 3D digital printing process. The print of our jackets will not fade, but please still wash with care and do not iron the print.


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