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Agatsuma Zenitsu is not someone you would admire from the start since he would most likely irritate you with his indecisiveness and cowardice. However, the truth is Agatsuma Zenitsu is a perfectly flawed character and a good man to stan. Let me give you three in-depth reasons as to why.

He is a coward who by the help of love faced death and said, “nu-uh”.

zenitsu huhu

During the Natagumo Mountain arc, we got flashbacks of Zenitsu’s training. His fight against the spider demon was exactly what viewers expected from such a coward character. But when he can no longer retreat and, his life was about to end, he remembers his past. The way his Gramps had to force him to train, dragging him back whenever he ran, setting traps to make sure he can’t get away too far. He also remembers the berating and bullying he got from Kaigaku for his weakness.


He was called coward, a waste, a scum, and all the other variations of those words. But it was nothing new for him. Zenitsu knows beyond anyone who and what he is. The anger and shame other people feel towards him are nothing compared to how he feels about himself. He said it himself, “I Hate Myself More Than Anyone Else.”.

I feel for him, for I am a coward as well.  But, zenitsu howed me that there is hope. You see, I believe that Zenitsu was saved that day because of love. The love from his Gramps—Jigoro Kuwajima—who found and nurtured him when he was merely an orphan boy. He was patient in making sure Zenitsu was trained to have the chance of survival, and he believed in Zenitsu when no one else did.

So, on that day in Natagumo Mountain, Zenitsu proved that the love, faith, and patience he received from his Gramps was not wasted. When he opened his eyes and chose to fight with all his might while conscious, he finally took a step toward conquering his flawed self. When the fight ended, he could have just accepted death as someone weak tended to do; accept the inevitable. But no, Zenitsu did not take the easy way out. And who could not love him when he was acting so cool, like that?

He is a sleeping nuclear power waiting to burst


How can you not stan anyone who can one punch a demon as if it’s just a fly on the wall?

Sure, he needs to be sleeping (most of the time) before we see him kicking ass, and that on the surface, Zenitsu appears to be more of a weakling when awake. But, think about this. The sleeping Zenitsu and the awake Zenitsu are not two different personas. He doesn’t have an alter ego or a dark soul switcheroo or something. Zenitsu is both powerful and weak at the same time.

When he sleeps, he dreams of fighting, of being a strong and great hunter. But everyone else knows that it wasn’t just dreams. It was exactly what Zenitsu was doing. Whatever he does in his dream, while unconscious, his body simply reflects it back in existence.

So, why can’t he do this while awake? That’s where his cowardice strikes in. Because when he dreams, he does not have his fears and apprehensions. Simply put, there is nothing that blocks his true abilities.

But why is he such a coward if he got this so much power in him? That ladies and gentlemen are the aftereffects of him being alone for such a long time and no one believing in him. He just stopped thinking about what he can do, instead, he started believing what others think of him, a coward.

Just imagine what more he can accomplish if he can get rid of his self-doubt. How much more powerful would he be when he is fully conscious and free from his insecurities? It’s not just the potential power he got, it is also the fact that despite being a so-called coward, a weakling, he never gave up. He trained and practiced. His determination was on the level of utmost. So, think about that. Think how much more he can accomplish with his natural power and his determination. I am telling you; he is naturally a nuclear powerhouse.

Shockingly loyal; the best boy in the making

zenitsu cry

He is a womanizer wannabe. A wannabe since despite his blond hair and great features, he plainly doesn’t have the charm and tact to attract a woman at first sight. After all, who would like him when his first words when meeting a girl is, “will you marry me?”, or when he got some inclination to escape whenever there is a demon around.  

But he is actually quite a catch. He believes in commitment since this dude, is afraid of being abandoned. He would love as fiercely and as loyal as you can ever ask. He would be sweet and caring. Remember when he found out what happened to his Gramps? How it made him want to change and be stronger? Or when he protected the box with his life simply because Tanjiro helped him when he was hungry?

zenitsu friend

Agatsuma Zenitsu is a perfect example of someone who never received much care and love in his life. So, when he does get a tiny ray of affection, he gives it back sevenfold.

He is someone who can conquer his cowardice to protect those who matter most to him, and isn’t it ironic that despite his terror of death, he goes facing it for the sake of his friends? 

So, in conclusion, everyone loves an underdog like Agatsuma Zenitsu.

He is a demon hunter who is scared and insecure. He just needs some love, acceptance, and fierce hugs for motivation. If someone believes in him, then he can reach his maximum potential. Remember, a man can only be strong when he is afraid.

Let’s go and stan Agatsuma Zenitsu. He deserves it, and he won’t fail you. He needs it, and he would be worth it.

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